Use the ThumpJump add-on image editor to pop-up enlarged images over your templates.

It is as easy as 1-2-3. First, install the software; then add a tag on the template and you are ready to Upload the image in your CMS.
Just check out the DEMO movie, and we are sure you will be impressed about the way it works. The results will be great!

You can even choose which pictures you want to pop-up and which ones you don’t.

Now you have amazing pop-up images in your web site with little effort by using ThumpJump for your MojoMotor.

Website viewers will feel more comfortable surfing your pages because it will bring up the images in every layout.

Pop up with ThumpJump and bring it up!


This plugin is released under a Commercial license.
After buying this plug-in, you will receive a license to use this product.
The license will not expire. You can only use the license and plug-in for one domain.


The installation is very simple. - Watch the screencast (1:58 minute)

  * 1. Just unzip the file and upload it to: system/mojomotor/third_party/thumpjump/
  * 2. Open: http://...yourdomain…/index.php/admin/addons/thumpjump/checkinstall/
  * 3. Then you are ready and can replace your normal image TAG for ThumpJump.


This plugin will only run on the latest version of Mojomotor (1.2.1)



<img src="image.jpg" width="250" height="100" alt="My static image" />


{mojo:thumpjump:size src="image.jpg" height="150" lightwindow="on"} <img src="{sized}" width="{width}" height="{height}" alt="Image 1" /> {/mojo:thumpjump:size}


You can choose if you want to activate the Pop-up option.
With Lightwindow on, you will see a pop-up with a bigger version of the image.
Lightwindow=“on” or Lightwindow=“off” //

With these variables you can setup the size of the thumbnail image that will be created.
height=“150” // Will create a thumb and always crop the height to 150px weight=“250” // Will create a thumb and always crop the weight to 250px auto=“150” // Will create a thumb and check the biggest size. Height or Weight. After that, it will crop the biggest one of the two to 150px

Hope you will enjoy our most populair plug-in!

Please let us know how we can help you!